Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Letting Go

Today is Matt's day off, and we impulsively decided to go to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to return some library books, go to the bookstore, and walk around campus.  It is the beginning of the school year, so students are in the middle of orientation.  One of our friends from church, Josh, is a freshman there and we bumped into him in the student union.  We talked a bit, met some of his new friends, and went on our way.

As we were walking away, I suddenly had this feeling come over me that I'm thinking many parents feel this time of year.  I expect they feel it about a hundred times more strongly than I felt it since it's their actual offspring that they are leaving to be on their own.  I felt almost protective leaving Josh there, so excited for him to be starting this new adventure, and sad that he'd be far away (ok, 40 minutes isn't that far away, but you know what I mean...and I just had to remind myself that I'd see Josh this very evening for his basketball game with Matt...and probably every Sunday at church).  I mentioned it to Matt, and he said, "Can you imagine what it will be like when it's Abigail?"  Thanks, Matt, for ripping my heart out (jk).  It made me think about what my parents probably felt like leaving me here...

...and driving home two and a half hours home.  I just need to get through the first day of Kindergarten.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Chinese Girl

* Disclaimer: Mom, if you are reading this, I am not making fun of you, nor am I upset in any way.  This was just funny to me.  Readers, please understand that my mom is Chinese, as am I, as is Abigail (well, half to be exact).

My mom and dad came to visit this summer (yes, I need to update the blog with our summer activities) and among other things, my mom and I were able to go to the Kids' Exchange.  No, this is not where you go to trade in your kids.  This is a huge event at the state fairgrounds where you can get used kids' things for super cheap.  Anyways, my mom picked up this outfit for Abigail:
Very cute, right?  After putting it on Abigail and having her parade around the house with us in pursuit with our cameras, my mom suggests, "Maybe she can be a little Chinese girl for Halloween."

Now, I totally get what my mom means: Abigail doesn't wear clothes like this on a regular basis, therefore, it is somewhat of a costume.  And people wear costumes on Halloween. 

But the thought of being a traditional ethnic person for Halloween was quite funny to me.  And probably somewhat insulting to others.  But really, more funny to me.  Thanks, Mom, for the laugh.  And the somewhat serious reminder of how incredibly not in touch we are with our Chinese-ness.

And while Abigail will have fun wearing this outfit, this frugal mom is probably going to stick with the pig costume that was bought last year and not worn because it was too big.  Hey, at least the pig costume is also pink.


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