Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Brother Jackson

Big Brother Jackson, here.  Yes, that's right.  I now have two little sisters.  If you've been around our home lately, some of you may have heard Mommy complain about me, yell at me, or shut me in the bathroom.  All very commonplace things in the Schoolfield household.  So commonplace, in fact, that Abigail also complains about me, yells at me, and shuts me in the bathroom. 

So, I thought I'd give you an update on how I'm doing with two little sisters.  In all honesty, I love having them around and am usually excited to say good morning to them in their rooms when they wake up.  Some may remember my affections towards Abigail the first week of her life.

So when news came that Mommy and Daddy were having another baby, I was happy.  The more people, the merrier.  That's my life motto.  I looooooove people!  Here's a picture of Mommy telling us that she and Daddy were going to hospital for a couple days.  I think she has a weird expression on her face because she was having a contraction.  I may have been listening to Mommy or trying to steal a few pieces of cereal from Abigail.  I don't remember.

And when Claire was brought home from the hospital, I was busting at the seams to introduce myself to her.  For some reason, Daddy found it necessary to hold my scruff pretty tightly.

I think I got to lick her pinky.

Overall, I am still the same friendly dog and am so incredibly gentle with my sisters.  Not so much the rug or doorframe, but all I have is love and kisses for my sisters.  The biggest change for me is that I have become an emotional eater and have to eat super expensive dog food so that my stomach won't get upset.  It's just my little way of reminding Mommy and Daddy that I'm important too.  Important enough to shell out a pretty penny for my food every month or so :)  That's my way of sticking it to the man.  Oh, and this too.

That's what they get for not making their bed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Season of Firsts

This past holiday season was marked by a slew of things that we did for the first time.  Rather than an elaborate post on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I thought I'd highlight the holiday season with our "firsts."

We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time, and I made my first turkey.  Little did I know that it takes a few days for a frozen turkey to defrost.  I bought mine the day before Thanksgiving and had to do a quick thaw in the cooler.  Lesson learned.
Matt carved his first turkey.  Look at that intense concentration :)
Our friends played our XBox 360 (Thanks, Dad!) for the first time...
...and fell asleep after a big Thanksgiving lunch.  Sorry, Kahleel, just had to put this one in :)
Christmas brought about Abigail's first Christmas program at preschool.  This was about the time that Matt and I realized we had become those parents armed with a camera and video camera.
We hosted Christmas for the first time and were blessed to be able to celebrate with Matt's entire family.
Claire celebrated her first Christmas and was given a thorough tutorial by her sister and cousins as to how to open presents.
And lastly, we made our first gingerbread house.  Yum!

Wordless Wednesday


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