Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun with the FR Girls

We had a Fellowship Raleigh women's night this past Friday. It was so good to get out and have adult conversation - thanks, Matt for watching Abby! Even better was getting to hang out with some new people and seeing how our church is changing and growing. The food was yummy and dessert, amazing (thanks to Allison and our dear Abuelita the Chocolatier). We we made fools of ourselves trying to play Mad Gab, this crazy word pronunciation game. Here are pics from the night:

Thanks to Allison and Angie, the organizers of the evening
Samone, Kathy, and Erin

Chrystal (and Baby Holder at 30 weeks)

Trish and Allison cooking up some fried plantains...yum!

Angie, Katherine, Erin, and Kathy

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Dog Walk (Choose Your Own Adventure)

I just came back from walking Jackson around the neighborhood and remembered why I have to be strategic about timing our walks. Unless I take him between the hours of 10:00am-3:00pm on weekdays and NEVER on weekends, I will inevitably run into this problem:

1) Jackson starts out walking well, staying next to my side and walking in a straight line. I spy another dog walker coming towards us, but Jackson has yet to see him/her and the other dog. I can either:

A) Turn around, avoiding having to walk past the other dog walker. This can only happen if the other person hasn't seen me yet. Or else I would appear to be quite rude. I mean, what would you think if every time you saw me walking around the neighborhood, I would turn around and run away without even acknowledging you? (Continue to #2)

B) Be brave and continue walking towards the dog walker. I do this all the while tightening up the leash and trying to remain calm, as Cesar Milan advised on an episode of Dog Whisperer that I once watched. So, in other words, I try to trick Jackson into thinking nothing is the matter. How stupid am I? (Continue to #3)

2) Now that I've either escaped without embarrassment or thoroughly offended my neighbor, I hurry back the other way. I do have intentions to continue walking Jackson, but am too paranoid that the person saw me run away from him/her or scared that we'll bump into another neighbor that I simply cut the walk short and go home. This sometimes happens after walking just 200 feet. Oh well. THE END

3) As we walk towards the other dog walker, Jackson sees the other dog and begins pulling on the leash and barking furiously. Since I have already tightened the leash to about 2 inches, there is no slack to pull. Therefore, he pulls me and I lean back to try and counterbalance the weight. I am such a avoider of conflict that I try to remain friendly looking towards my neighbor and try to continue walking. I probably look really stupid. The closer and closer we get, the crazier Jackson gets and the more I try to smile at the neighbor, apologize and offer a weak "Sorry!", and yell at Jackson at the same time. By the way, the yelling is less for Jackson (he never listens to me anyways) and more for the neighbor. I want him/her to think I at least try to control my dog.

A) The dog walker gives me a dirty look and hustles past with his/her perfectly well-behaved dog. I swear the dog always ends up giving Jackson a dirty look too. I walk away, arms sore from holding back a 70 lb. dog, and thoroughly embarrassed, wishing I never bump into that neighbor again. (Continue to #4)

B) The dog walker gives me a dirty look and picks up his/her little toy dog, shielding it away from the onslaught that is Jackson. The little dog either cowers in its owner's arms or gives Jackson a dirty look. I walk away, arms sore from holding back a 70 lb. dog, and thoroughly embarrassed, wishing I never bump into that neighbor again. (Continue to #4)

4) Jackson and I hurry home. I even contemplating cutting across some yards to get home faster and avoid any other dogs that might be out for a relaxing stroll around the block. But I don't. Jackson is not embarrassed, only proud that he showed himself dominant over the other dog (and me). I amble up the driveway and, defeated, enter my house, trying to make a more strategic plan for our next walk. THE END

Ok, maybe Jackson is getting back at me for making him walk around the neighborhood like this Halloween 2007. Jackson, it's almost been 2 years! Please forgive me!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The South

Today Matt is coming home from trip to Nashville where he attended a worship conference. I had some good, quality time with Abigail, but am happy he is coming home today. I wish I could have gone with him, since I really love Nashville and the family members that he stayed with. And all this got me thinking how a Chinese girl from Chicago got to love the South so much. Here are things I've come to love:

- Cheese grits
- Slower pace of life
- The accent
- Weather
- Sweet cornbread
- The ACC (well, kinda...I think I've developed more of an appreciation for it)
- Moss on the trees

Moving away from Chicago has made me proud of being from there...I like telling people I'm from there :) I do miss aspects of the North, but am thoroughly enjoying life as a Southern girl!

Oh, and Abigail is elated that Daddy is coming home today too!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Horror Movie in My Car

I was listening to a song on the radio the other day while I was driving. I was kind of in a know the state of mind you get in when you're driving and your mind wanders. Well, all of a sudden I hear this eerie child's voice. The type of voice you'd hear in a freaky scary horror movie. So I snap back to reality and it takes me a few seconds to realize that it's coming from the radio. Evidently, the song wasn't over and the artist decided to do one of those "I'm gonna have a little kid sing and talk at the end to make this song cute" moments. What's the use of that other than to scare the living daylights out of your listener??? So to all my composer/recording friends out there, please do not put the scary child voice at the end of your songs...thank you.


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