Friday, May 31, 2013

Farmer's Market

Although summer doesn't officially start for a few more weeks, my summer started last week.  My philosophy is that if it hits 83 degrees for a consecutive three days, it's summer.  What better thing to do in the summer than visit the local farmer's market?  We haven't been there in quite awhile...I mean, who has time to relax, peruse, stroll, and dream up creative food/gardening endeavors?  Not me.  But I forced myself to slow down the other day, and I'm glad I did.

On a side note, if your farmer's market is open on the weekdays, go then.  In the morning.  Not only do you have more room to navigate with your double stroller because the rest of the world is elsewhere, but it is much more relaxing.  Except for the fact that all the vendors see you (I feel most comfortable as a wall flower) and offer you strawberry/peach/watermelon samples every 5 feet.  And you can't politely refuse and pretend you don't exist because your fruit-loving kids think that getting bite-sized juicy snacks from complete strangers every 30 seconds is the most amazing thing ever and have to sample EVERYTHING.  Sometimes twice.

Raleigh's farmer's market is open 7 days a week, year round.  There is an open air section and a closed building that houses scrumptious things like goat cheese, fresh squeezed lemonade, and candy in barrels.  There also is a butcher's stand there, but I just pretend like I don't see it.  I love meat, just not next to my precious Lemondheads and Atomic Fireballs.

Visiting the farmer's market tricks me into thinking that I can whip up delicious veggie dishes that my whole family will enjoy.  I mean, even the fiercest tomato hater has to admit these look gorgeous:

I still haven't figured out to do with all the leafy greens.  Kale chips are all the rage now.  Just can't imagine that eating a baked leaf tastes better than a Cool Ranch Dorito.  But if anyone has a good recipe, please let me know so that I can pretend that I'm a organic mama that feeds her kiddos kale chips.

The open air section also houses a wide assortment of plants and flowers that makes me want to pull on some gardening gloves.  In my attempt to beatify our new home, I purchased a few flowers and tomato plants, hoping that I magically developed a green thumb during the move.  

If you're in the Raleigh area, the farmer's market is a must see.  If walking around, looking at vegetation doesn't tickle your fancy, there are two amazing restaurants on the premise too.  One serves fried seafood.  Can't go wrong with that.

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Erika Bublitz said...

I so wish we had a year round farmers market! Beautiful pictures.


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